Improve your artificial intelligence skills with FightingICE

FightingICE is a platform that let you develop an artificial intelligent agent for a fighting game. You can then play the game against your AI agent or let your AI agent compete against other AI agents from around the world.


FightingICE is a Java Based fighting game platform developed by the Intelligent Computer Entertainment  Lab (ICE) of the Ritsumeikan University. It is mainly used by students to apply Soft computing[1] techniques to Fighting game agents. The ICE Laboratory also run an annual worldwide competition, where you are invited to submit your AI agent to compete against others agents build by different people.

What make this platform really interesting is that it support the development of diverse AI approaches: from the simple rule-based AI to the more complex ones that can combine advanced techniques like Fuzzy Control, Evolutionary techniques, Dynamic scripting, etc. Also, FightingICE is freely available so that anyone can use it to apply or train their AI skills. It can be used in the educational environment  by students to apply AI concepts, or by AI teachers to have practical workshop with their students. In this regards, there are already some academic papers released about FightingICE[2,3,4]. The platform can as well be used by AI enthusiasts or simply by people interested in computer entertainment industry (Video game development) to have a real taste of the matter.

You can check the FightingICE AI competition[5] page, where you can have more specifications on the platform, download FightingICE and start programming your first AI agent for fighting games. And why not participate to the next competition !


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